Situated at Malvern Hills Science Park, our executive team looks after the delivery of the BetaDen programme.

The team works directly with the cohort to ensure each founder gets the most out of their time with BetaDen, as well as working with the Advisory Board and Mentoring team and industry partners.

Alongside the day to day running of BetaDen, the team are also dedicated to support the wider technology community in Worcestershire. This is achieved through technology based events, thought leadership and sector/industry links plus business clinics here at the Science Park, covering funding support / guidance and networking designed to bring the knowledge and businesses together.


Feel free to contact the team with any of your questions or queries, or if you would like to learn more about the BetaDen programme and what's on offer.

We are always happy to help.


Co-located with one of the UK's first 5G testbeds at Malvern Hills Science Park, we provide the location, environment, funding and expertise to scale tech businesses in our accelerator programme.

Donston Powell, Marketing and Communications Manager


Kate Snell

Programme Manager

Kate has 20+ years of management experience, working on technical and policy projects mainly within the UK Government/public sector. Her experience includes contract management, delivery planning, management reporting, risk and issues management, staffing and resource management for major delivery programmes, and compliance project for funding schemes worth £600M per annum.

Approximate Carbon Footprint: : 2.9 tons CO2/year

TEL: 01905 672700

Donston Powell

Marketing and Communications Manager

A Marketing and Communications professional with a passion for technology. Donston has worked in various sectors on creative marketing and strategy. From concept to going live, he enjoys every step of the journey. Working in an industry where you genuinely help the type of innovations that are shaping the future is a real joy for him. Donston is a natural communicator, confident in negotiating and decision making with the ability to develop and execute effective marketing strategies and drive brand direction positively. He thrives in maximising the strengths of his colleagues to create an environment for innovative and successful marketing strategies driven by business needs, targets, and ongoing brand management.

Approximate Carbon Footprint: 4.6 tons CO2/year

TEL: 01905 672700 MOBILE: 07730 982720

Daniel Filipi

Digital Marketing Assistant

Originally from the Czech Republic, Daniel has been engaged in Digital Marketing for the past 6 years. Working in various sectors and on different projects, Daniel has a strong understanding of marketing, PR, advertising and digital arts. With a strong passion for technology since a young age, his expertise is accompanied by a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) degree in Media and Culture and a Postgraduate Award in Professional Development: Tutoring.

Approximate Carbon Footprint: 4.3 tons CO2/year

TEL: 01905 672700

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