"The BetaDen team and mentors have been the best thing to happen to my business and were just what I needed to move me forward to the fantastic position I am in now."

EaseTwist, Cohort 7.0

"We started with no product, we just had an idea, and then throughout the BetaDen journey we got funding as well as expertise from advisors who helped us deliver a product, and we will be leaving BetaDen with an MVP."

Triplo ESG, Cohort 6.0

"I’m certain we couldn’t have reached our success without the expert mentoring and guidance we received during our time at BetaDen."

MindSafe, Cohort 6.0

"Where BetaDen has been brilliant is in helping us to get our priorities right, giving us the information we need to shape a product that really responds to the challenges of our clients."

The Curiosity Museum, Cohort 5.0

"The impact of the BetaDen and POC support has been massive. Having top-up grant funding at those key points de-risked our projects."

ChangeMaker3D, Cohort 5.0

"BetaDen have given our company invaluable guidance and support. The staff, coaches and mentors are open, friendly and encouraging."

Omnia 7, Cohort 5.0

"Being able to draw on the expertise within BetaDen has helped us to refine our strategy and approach to growth and productisation, as well as providing introductions to a very supportive supply chain."

Conigital, Cohort 4.0

"The BetaDen Programme is delivered by a team of experts with years of experience and technology integration skills that proved vital in helping us."

Prizsm Technologies, Cohort 4.0

"BetaDen has been instrumental in our success, we've raised significant further funding and we wouldn't have done it without the team."

Jet Connectivity, Cohort 4.0

"The programme has been crucial for our business. Thanks to the support of BetaDen we were able to launch 5 months ahead of the projected timeframes."

ORNA, Cohort 4.0

"BetaDen’s support has been a key part of our success, providing very helpful concrete assistance."

WhiteBox, Cohort 3.0

"BetaDen’s support and mentoring network provided us with the expertise, understanding, testing and endorsement we needed to take our product to market."

Green Gorilla Apps, Cohort 2.0

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