Worcester Scientific

Worcester Scientific – Sensors in a Complex world Worcester Scientific is a start-up nano-sensor company, formed in May 2018 as part of the Spectrum Environmental Group. Our technology exploits the latest NEMS and MEMS fabrication...

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Titania are the world leaders in configuration analysis tools, helping to protect over 27 million end users in 95 countries. Our pioneering virtual modelling technology ensures that our configuration analysis tools deliver a level of detail and...

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Sidaway Technologies

Unlock Video, access information. Access your competitive advantage? Our technology analyses video to understand the real world. We digitise your world, so your processes respond automatically. You deliver better services for your customers. ...

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GBR14, a cyber security start-up, are working on the next generation technology in data protection and privacy. zTeros, a unique encryption solution enables intelligent sharing of secure data. The zTeros approach to securing, accessing and sharing...

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Luke is a creative and productive individual and has been since a early age. The moment he figured out he could make films with a webcam on his Windows 98 desktop at the age of six he has been teaching himself how to use a wide range of production...

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Current blockchain technology when applied to Industry 4.0 fails either due to speed of convergence of the current consensus algorithm, excessive computational power requirements, or weak security unless a permissioned blockchain is imposed. ...

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