Formed in 2015, Conigital stands for ‘Connected Digital’ we are on a mission to digitally connect autonomous vehicles to empower mobility for all. We are a deep tech, driverless vehicle and ride-hailing company, accelerating the introduction and...

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D-Sig have developed a software product (D-Sig Data Security) that brings together industrial IOT, AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing into a flexible data security solution with authenticated access and end-to-end protection of data.

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industry 4.0 Solutions

Industry 4.0 Solutions is a Data, IIoT, Condition Monitoring Specialist, helping manufacturers to produce better and smarter by taking data driven decisions thanks to industrial Digital Technologies

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An app connected smart charger for electric vehicles - which resolves a major hurdle in the urban charger market.

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JET Connectivity

Launched in 2020, Jet Connectivity (was JET Engineering System Solutions Ltd) is a disruptive force for innovative good. We presently provide a range of maritime connected solutions using 5G, AIS, and RF networks. Key objectives are to enable high...

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Prizsm Technologies

Prizsm use technological capabilities in novel ways to achieve cyber outcomes that others are conditioned not to see. They are developing Disaggregated storage providing confidentiality, integrity, and availability for computing solutions at the...

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As a part of Wembley Partners, ORNA is a SaaS cyber incident management platform, containing a detailed Cyber Incident Response Plan (ICRP) covering 15 sections, 4 interactive step-by-step scenario-based Playbooks (Ransomware, DDoS, Phishing,...

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FloWide UK

FloWide bridges the gap between manufacturing and data. Our mission is to power the next phase of industrial optimisation with simulation and UWB-based location data while connecting industry 4.0 to the work from anywhere in the world.

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