JET Connectivity (Cohort 4.0) Launches Floating 5G for Offshore Wind Farm

12 Oct 2023

Published in: Cohort successes

JET Connectivity has today announced the launch of its largest, permanently deployable, 5G ocean data platform, built to provide 5G to an offshore wind farm in a way previously not possible.

The 17m tall, bespoke platform enables long range 5G connectivity for a multitude of uses, in this case as an offshore wind farm-based testbed which will be used to push the boundaries of digital operations through robotics and autonomy.


Offshore wind farms go through years of surveying, decision making, construction and commissioning before becoming operational. For a large proportion of this time, mobile phone signal and internet are not available due to the requirement of a stable platform and fibre cables traditionally needed to run a network.


JET Connectivity has developed a unique solution which utilises its own, in-house designed and built 5G Radio Access Network software and systems, and floating buoy hosting platforms, to provide pop-up, solar powered, fibre-less 5G networks to offshore sites.


This allows for connectivity to be available to those working offshore from the start of a project through to operation – enabling safety critical communications to staff working offshore through to high bandwidth autonomy and robotics for safer and smarter operations.


JET has followed a strong focus since it was founded in 2020: to enable a safe and secure, sustainable, smarter global blue economy. This is now being achieved through secure, resilient connectivity, real time environmental data streaming from the buoy platforms, and digitisation of operations utilising the network.


In this particular deployment, JET is working with a consortium including Microsoft and the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, funded by industry, the Greater Lincolnshire LEP and Innovate UK, to deliver a 5G testbed – at an operational windfarm – which can be utilised by companies developing and trialling offshore technology that will require resilient, high bandwidth connectivity, such as drones and autonomous vessels.


James Thomas, CEO and Founder of JET Connectivity, said: “This launch of our first offshore network is testament to what hard work from an exceptional team can deliver, and I am so grateful of the effort and hours the team has put in, particularly in the final build the last few weeks.


“I hope we can continue to make the maritime sector safer and more environmentally sustainable as we grow our deployments in the coming years. Features such as the reef cubes built into our mooring systems are small ways we can make a positive impact on our oceans above the core services we are offering and enabling with our ocean data hubs.”

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