Jenny Rohde

Strategic Marketing Specialist

Jones Newton

Jenny Rohde founded Jones Newton to deliver bespoke Strategic Marketing support for SME businesses. After spending nearly two decades working in Strategic Marketing and Business Management, Jenny believes that business success is driven by positioning your business to make the right moves quickly. And identifying the right moves is dependent on how well you know your competitive advantage, understand your target markets, and know how to create real value for your customers.

Jenny has held director-level positions; creating and delivering market strategies for businesses in the UK and internationally, from start up to multinational. Markets have been from within water and wastewater, general manufacturing, and environmental sectors. Products include water and wastewater treatment systems, control systems, measurement instrumentation and laboratory services, water management systems, waste collection systems, air compressors for manufacturing and process systems, and after-market service support packages.

Jenny has an MBA from Warwick Business School, is a recognised EU Expert, SME Instrument Business Innovation Coach and Warwick Business School Mentor.


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