Ellen G Kay BA Hons, MA

Entrepreneur and Investor


As Albert Einstein wrote, “Your logical mind will get you from A-B but your imagination will take you everywhere”.

Ellen started her career over 25 years ago as a designer in London and now helps clients design their future today. The unique applications that Ellen has developed combine years of corporate communication skills with a licensed neuroscience technique and a passion to unlock human potential.

She has worked extensively on the practical application of neuroscience research in performance, resilience and leadership. Her experience includes projects with Rolls-Royce Aerospace, Worldpay, Mission Motorsport and High Performance Sports Professionals. Her company is now a special project partner with Ultra Electronics Ltd in a UK government funded proof of concept project to develop mind control technology for the UK military and will commence a PhD study to research the measurement of the mind.

Ellen has joined the mentor team at Betaden as resident mindset coach. She will show you how your operating system (the brain) works and how to upgrade your software (the mind). 


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