Securing Government - Security in the Supply Chain

02 February 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


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Join BetaDen and Titania for the first Tech Tuesday of 2021, February 2nd, 12pm.
Guest speaker Ian Whiting, CEO of Titania will lead the discussion on Securing Government and how SME’s are working within the supply chain.

By the end of this talk you will have learnt key tips and techniques that Titania used to build their network of loyal customers. You will learn about the organizations, people and events that you can use to access governments in both the UK and USA.

Ian founded Titania in 2009 to automate the process of identifying network security risks. Now Titania works with some of the world’s largest companies and governments to help secure their networks. In his talk, Ian will discuss how Titania gained their early government customers in both the UK and USA. He will describe how Titania was able to meet, and exceed, those customers’ expectations. How Titania was able to Deliver value to those customers that has kept them returning for more

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