Founded in January 2021, Hy-Met’s vision is to support the future energy sector to bring clean, sustainable, & affordable energy to all. Specifically, Hy-Met is developing a real-time, end-to-end instrumentation stack to help tackle some of the complex measurement challenges of emerging energy verticals, such as hydrogen. Our tech stack for real-time hydrogen properties/flow measurement has three key components: 1) Bespoke sensor/hardware front-end: to satisfy the technical demands of the emerging hydrogen energy vertical. 2) Electronics with custom signal processing/machine learning algorithms to process complex measurement data efficiently, at the instrumentation level. 3) A cloud and/or on-premises software backbone that combines measurement data with simulation capability to fully utilize the data collected and convert them into useful information or action items.

Cohort Founder(s):

Nishal Ramadas (Founder and CEO)

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