Bright-Beams Ltd., technology offers a fully-integrated, compact digitised and artificial intelligence-enabled, next-generation laser surface processing system that reduces customer pain. It is applied for conducting surface treatment processes, namely: laser shock processing, and laser shock hardening to strengthen metallic and ceramic/metallic composite materials/components, predominantly, in the manufacturing sector. It empowers laser-users with a smart, integrated, digital laser shock processing, with lower capital costs (200%) and improved efficiency (33%), making a saving on energy bills (50%) for industrial manufacturers and enhances the performance of engineering components for end-users by two to 3 to 5 folds. Competing surface treatment processes do not offer the same benefits, enabling Bright-Beams technology superior and advanced, available at an affordable low cost. 

Cohort Founder(s):

Pratik Shukla (Founding director (Inventor, CTO, Technical Specialists) ))

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