Don't miss out on being part of Cohort 6.0, join BetaDen to help supercharge your tech today and gain real help for real tech!

  • 6-month program
  • Dedicated free office space
  • Access to mentors for advice, in: Strategic Marketing, Raising Investment, Product Development, Intellectual Property, Accounting and Structure, Technology Stack, Mindset and much more.
  • Proof of concept grant worth £10,000
  • Access to Marketing funding worth £2,000
  • Access to the eco-system and BetaDen's extensive Technology Network
  • Events and Tech Talks
  • Access to Worcestershire 5G testbed

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Are you ready to take your innovation to the next level? Gain eligible funding to support you in areas of your business, which includes:

  • Product testing and certification
  • IP/Trademark
  • Product launch (exhibitions/events)
  • New marketing material
  • Cloud based services/infrastructure
  • Outsourcing costs for technology development
  • External market research plus much more!

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Our cohort founders have secured contracts and delivered pilot projects for a variety of industry-leading organisations, including HS2, the NHS, RoyalMail and NetworkRail, delivering real tech-based solutions for real-world problems and accelerating their route to market.

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We are experts in the development of mobile apps, web applications, APIs and cloud-based solutions, but we are not experts in marketing, routes to market, customer segments and validation which is exactly why we joined BetaDen.

Green Gorilla Apps

Cohort 2.0 Member

Plinx is a technology company specialising in the design, development & customisation of connected wearables. Plinx uses a blend of standardised and proprietary technologies to ensure robust connectivity of up to 6 miles in the most challenging environments.

Utelize specialises in developing managed mobile solutions that help large organisations to address the challenges of managing mobile connectivity, devices and security. Working as part of the BetaDen cohort 2, Utelize is developing a range of mobile network services designed for businesses that combine increased levels of security with high speed 4G/5G mobile networks, to create a high-performance private mobile data network.

Veritherm is a fast and simple tool used to verify the thermanl performance of buildings prior to occupation. Veritherm provides a straightforward approach that gives a clear pass/fail result, following an overnight test. The platform takes real-time data from strategically placed sensors as the building is heated and then cools overnight.

Our mission is to inform the Drone Industry and recreational pilots (a group of 180,000+ flyers) where they can and can’t fly and to allow engagement between Landowners and the drone community to open up opportunities for both groups. From a drone enterprise perspective, in the future we envisage that our platform will ultimately help define where it is possible to deliver the drone highways in the sky.

FloWide bridges the gap between manufacturing and data. Our mission is to power the next phase of industrial optimisation with simulation and UWB-based location data while connecting industry 4.0 to the work from anywhere in the world.

Prizsm use technological capabilities in novel ways to achieve cyber outcomes that others are conditioned not to see. They are developing Disaggregated storage providing confidentiality, integrity, and availability for computing solutions at the Edge.