BetaDen package worth over £50,000 includes:

  • 6-month programme
  • Dedicated free office space within Malvern Hills Science Park environment
  • Access to mentors for development in: Strategic Marketing, Raising Investment, Product Development, Intellectual Property, Company Structure and Accounting, Technology Stack, Mindset and much more.
  • Proof of Concept grant funding worth £10,000
  • Access to £2,000 Marketing Fund per founder
  • Access to BetaDen's technology industry expertise network, events and Tech Talks
  • 5G test and evaluation package available subject to technology requirements
  • Leading technical advice in the use of 5G enabled IOT and IIOT technologies


The funding that we received allowed us to accelerate our final piece of development and through the marketing budget we really defined our brand. As a fellow Cohort member we felt we were all in a similar place and as such were all there for each other.

Clare Fenton, Veritherm
Cohort 3.0 member


Programme run time: Sept 2022 - March 2023

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  • some of the major milestones you have achieved since starting your company
  • a timeline showing your state of development
  • how a commercial accelerator programme would support development
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