BetaDen package worth over £50,000 includes:

  • 9-month program
  • Dedicated free office space
  • Access to mentors for advice in:
    Strategic Marketing, Raising Investment, Product Development and CTO Resource, Intellectual Property, Accounting and Finance, Mindset and much more.
  • Proof of Concept grant funding worth £10,000
  • Access to £1,700 Marketing Fund per founder
  • Access to BetaDen's technology industry expertise network, events and Tech Talks
  • 5G test and evaluation package worth £12,000 with a further discount for additional access and advice
  • Leading technical advice in the use of 5G enabled Industry 4.0 technology

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BetaDen accelerated our idea from concept to a fully-fledged operational business in less than 12 months

Clive Summerfield, FARx
Cohort 2.0 member


Steatite’s commercial areas of focus include, but are not resticted to, the following examples of new and emerging tech as a guide to applicants.
  • Remote monitoring systems for Industry 4.0 unmanned assets (smart factories and smart infrastructure).
  • Image processing with AI capability for object detection, classification or recognition.
  • Remote sensing by IoT connected sensors for agriculture, pollution monitoring, traffic management, flood monitoring etc.
  • Automated remote triage or health monitoring for infection control.
  • AI enabled robotic automation: logistics robots, smart warehouses, automatic weeding/picking/thinning by agricultural robots etc.
  • Distributed or self-organising sensor networks including for emergency response applications.

MARCH 2021 - DECEMBER 2021

BetaDen is open to applications from a broad spectrum of technology backgrounds.

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