BetaDen Programme Structure

Here at BetaDen, based in Worcestershire, we strive to deliver the highest quality accelerator content for tech entrepreneurs and tech scale-ups, with the aim to supercharge their route to market and develop innovative products or solutions. The 9-month technology accelerator programme is divided into 3 stages:


One of the most important benefits of participating in our technology accelerator programme is access to equity-free funding. We offer a £10,000 Proof Of Concept grant* to our cohort founders that aim to investigate, advance and protect early-stage innovative business ideas and to commercialise new innovations, and a £2,000 Marketing fund to support their brand development. This funding can be crucial in helping startups to develop and launch their products, expand their teams, and grow their businesses.

Mentorship and Support

A significant benefit of participating in BetaDen's accelerator programme is access to subject-specific mentorship and support. We provide our cohorts with access to experienced mentors who can provide guidance and advice on everything from product development to fundraising. This support can be invaluable for early-stage startups that may not have the experience or resources to navigate the challenges of building and growing a business.

Networking and connections

We provide cohort founders with the opportunity to network and make connections within their industry. These connections can be critical in helping startups to secure partnerships, customers, and investors. We have established relationships with industry experts, investors, and other stakeholders, providing cohort founders and alumni with access to a broad network of potential collaborators and supporters. The programme is concluded with a 'demo day' type Showcase event, where our cohort founders pitch their products and solutions to an audience formed of industry experts, potential customers and partners, and investors.

Programme featuresBetaDen Technology Accelerator
Dedicated proof of concept funding*
Dedicated marketing funding
No equity stake
Free dedicated office space
Group Mentorship
Individual 1:1 mentoring
Access to an extensive industry network
Tech events, workshops, firesides
Speaking Opportunities
'Demo day' type investment event at the end of the programme

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